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At Heart 2 Heart, we believe that a holistic approach to self-care is the key to living your best life. Self-care comes in many forms, and we specialize in mental health therapy, therapeutic yoga, healing touch massage and holistic healthcare services. 

Mental Health Therapy

H2H has a diverse staff of licensed therapists with specialties including trauma & PTSD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders and more. We provide a comfortable, compassionate, judgment-free space to navigate challenges with a trained therapist and develop specialized strategies to help you thrive.

Classes are offered for a variety of skill levels, but crafted directly with the goal of relaxation, mental clarity and elevating your self care skill set. Our certified yoga instructors are eager to share the benefits of yoga, breathing and meditation to support clients feeling healthier physically, mentally and spiritually.

Online Yoga

To better integrate your mental wellness and physical health, Nurse Practitioner services are offered for medication management and primary health care. Our Nurse Practitioners have an extensive history in patient care and a commitment to a holistic view of managing your health.

Holistic Healthcare

Our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation increases the ability to be in the present moment with awareness to respond more positively to stressors. By cultivating the various tools of mindfulness, participants experienced less anxiety, stronger ability to pause before responding, and a deeper connection to oneself and others.

Online Meditation

Our Licensed Massage Therapists have over 20 years of therapeutic massage experience and a range of specialties. Massage counters our body’s natural stress response by relieving built up tension and rebalancing your hormones through our therapeutic massages.


H2H believes complete health and wellness should be accessible to every one. We offer Telehealth online therapy sessions for all our therapy service during the pandemic. Meetings with therapists can be done on a laptop, tablet or phone in a private a safe setting. For maximum impact of mental wellness, don't stop there. To provide full holistic health healing, H2H also offers Meditation classes and Yoga classes online for members.

Online Digital Wellness Memberships

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