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Nurse Practitioner Services

Physical and mental health are inextricably tied. We prioritize the health of our clients’ bodies alongside their mental and spiritual health, which is why our team includes nurse practitioners. 


It’s important to determine that no physical maladies could be impacting a client’s mental health or vice versa. For example, low thyroid hormone can sometimes contribute to feelings of depression and related symptoms, like sluggishness, brain fog, and weight gain. Similarly, some mental illnesses can cause real physical symptoms. For example, anxiety can cause stomach upset, dizziness, and sleep problems. 


To better integrate your mental wellness and your physical health, Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center offers nurse practitioner services. Our family health nurse practitioners are experienced and dedicated to offering the highest quality of healthcare for all of our clients. Working in tandem with our other providers, our nurse practitioner team is committed to managing our clients’ health holistically.

Meet our team of Nurse Practitioners!


Heather Mott


Heather has been a nurse for almost two decades and a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner for over eight years.

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Amber Rowan


As a practitioner of family care and psychiatric-mental health, Amber works directly with patients to manage common and chronic illnesses.

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Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center

We know that a holistic approach to treatment is the most effective, which is why Heart 2 Heart was designed to make it simple for our clients to integrate complementary therapies into their treatment plans. We wanted to eliminate any potential stress of finding providers and traveling to different locations for each of these treatments. We made it a priority to create a warm, inviting, and calming place where our clients can relax, release, and restore. Our wellness center is a genuine holistic experience, crafting peace for mind, body, and spirit.

Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center is dedicated to providing compassionate care with lasting results. Our committed team of professionals collaborates with our clients to create a meaningful and personalized set of skills with the power to positively impact the rest of their lives.