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Wellness Center

Heart 2 Heart feels that holistic mental wellness should be accessible to every individual.


With our Telehealth Digital platform, our clients have online access to quality licensed therapist for counseling, weekly yoga classes, guided meditation classes and access to holistic medical services.


Services can be accessed through membership for additional savings and can be used by the entire family—children, teens, and adults. Our goal is to teach our client's how to transform their homes into safe therapeutic spaces, so clients reap the benefits long after a session or class is over. 

Think About It

You know the life you want, and you may even know what is standing in the way. Imagine living life at your best with a skill set that allows you to take control of your mental wellness.  


Take the Next Step

A phone consultation will help our team to understand your unique needs and we can get you started on your path to better mental health and wellbeing. Call us today. 


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