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Mental Health Therapy

If you’re struggling with mental health, or you’re just working to improve your overall mental wellness, therapy with a trusted provider is fundamental on your journey. 

Heart 2 Heart is proud of our diverse staff of experienced, licensed mental health therapists. Our therapists work with adults, teens, children, couples, and families. Our areas of expertise include trauma & PTSD, depression, anxiety, bullying, anger, self-esteem, behavioral problems, personality disorders, relationship conflict, and more. No matter what you’re struggling with, we will match you with a trained therapist who can provide a comfortable, compassionate, judgment-free space to explore, process, and grow. 

Therapy works best when clients feel safe and understood by their therapist. When you first call to make an appointment, our schedulers will listen and match you with a provider who specializes in your needs, and whose personality compliments yours. If at any point you’d like to change therapists, we are happy to match you with someone new. We’re dedicated to helping each client develop specialized strategies to help them thrive throughout their lives.

Meet our team of Mental Health Therapists!


Yolanda Greenfield


H2H has a diverse staff of licensed therapists with specialties including trauma & PTSD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders and more.


James Bush


James specializes in working teens and adults learn to manage anxiety, cope with depression, substance use disorder, and heal from traumatic experiences. 

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Jeannie Cox


Jeannie Cox is an experienced licensed counselor in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky and has a background in working with teens and adults.

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Caitlin Cicholski


I have gained experience working with children and families struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma responses, and communication issues. 

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Conrad Hartman


Conrad Hartman is a behavioral clinician, professor, and mental health therapist that has worked in a variety of behavioral and mental health therapy fields for over 17 years. 

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More about...

Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center


We know that a holistic approach to treatment is the most effective, which is why Heart 2 Heart was designed to make it simple for our clients to integrate complementary therapies into their treatment plans. We wanted to eliminate any potential stress of finding providers and traveling to different locations for each of these treatments. We made it a priority to create a warm, inviting, and calming place where our clients can relax, release, and restore. Our wellness center is a genuine holistic experience, crafting peace for mind, body, and spirit.

Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center is dedicated to providing compassionate care with lasting results. Our committed team of professionals collaborates with our clients to create a meaningful and personalized set of skills with the power to positively impact the rest of their lives.