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Our design reflects a commitment to personalized wellness and nurturing well-being with serene colors and harmonious symbols.

What is Holistic Wellness?

Heart 2 Heart is unique. As a holistic wellness center, our approach is rooted in the integrated and complementary treatment of the whole person. A holistic approach supports not only a client’s mental health, but also considers the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of wellness.


Because we know this is the most effective methodology for lasting mental wellness, we always recommend a multifaceted treatment plan that embodies this approach. We offer five complimentary therapeutic services, integrating brain and body for the most effective, long-term mental wellness: 

Mental Health Therapy


H2H has a diverse staff of licensed therapists with specialties including trauma & PTSD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and more. We provide a comfortable, compassionate, judgment-free space to navigate these challenges with a trained therapist. We help each client develop specialized strategies to help them thrive throughout their lives.

Nurse Practitioner Services


To better integrate your mental wellness and your physical health, Nurse Practitioner services are offered for medication management and primary health care. It’s important to determine that no physical maladies could be impacting a client’s mental health. For example, low thyroid hormone can sometimes contribute to feelings of depression and related symptoms, like sluggishness, brain fog, and weight gain. Our Nurse Practitioners are experienced with patient care and have a commitment to managing your health holistically, working in tandem with our other providers.

Restorative Yoga

Studies have long shown that exercise reduces tension, anxiety, and depression. We also know that practicing mindfulness is extremely important to managing anxiety disorders and the stress of everyday life. Our restorative yoga classes help our clients cultivate self-care skills while enjoying the immediate physical benefits of yoga. Each yoga class is crafted by our certified yoga instructors with the goals of relaxation and mental clarity. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Our Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Meditation enhances the ability to be in the present moment with awareness, allowing clients to respond more positively to stressors. Through meditation, our clients can add the benefits of mindfulness to their self-care toolkit, ultimately experiencing less anxiety, a greater ability to pause before responding, and a deeper connection to themselves and others.

Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center
Telehealth Practice

Our design reflects a commitment to personalized wellness and nurturing well-being with serene colors and harmonious symbols.

We know that a holistic approach to treatment is the most effective, which is why Heart 2 Heart was designed to make it simple for our clients to integrate complementary therapies into their treatment plans. We wanted to eliminate any potential stress of finding providers and traveling to different locations for each of these treatments. We made it a priority to create a warm, inviting, and calming place where our clients can relax, release, and restore. Our virtual wellness center is a genuine holistic experience, crafting peace for mind, body, and spirit.

Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center is dedicated to providing compassionate care with lasting results. Our committed team of professionals collaborates with our clients to create a meaningful and personalized set of skills with the power to positively impact the rest of their lives.

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