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Conrad Hartman



Hi, I'm Conrad.

Conrad Hartman is a behavioral clinician, professor, and mental health therapist that has worked in a variety of behavioral and mental health therapy fields for over 17 years. Conrad has worked in therapeutic foster care as a counselor and direct care technician for foster care children and young adults. Autism, anger management, ADHD, ADD, childhood trauma, physical and emotional abuse, and depression are some of Conrad's focused areas of care.


Conrad has also taught Psychology courses at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and Trine University in Angola, Indiana. Some courses include Stress Prevention and Management, Death and Dying in the Family, as well as many human development and family studies courses.

Conrad has many years of experience working directly with both children and adults. Conrad has provided therapy and counseling both in the home and school, and in long-term care facilities. In his free time, Conrad enjoys spending time with his German Shepherd, taking her for long walks around the neighborhood or just throwing a ball for her in the backyard. Conrad also enjoys Indiana University basketball and football and is excited to attend as many games as he can.

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