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Self-Care in the time of Covid19

Updated: Dec 1, 2020


We are thinking of you and wishing you health in this uncertain time. We want to encourage you to avoid the temptation to take unnecessary risks for yourself and those around you. 

We are still here and seeing clients virtually with telehealth software that is easy to use and still allows for good therapeutic connection. Many people we are talking to are feeling anxious, stir crazy and struggling to find their way in our temporary new normal. We’d like to offer you a few tips and to remind you that we are only a phone call away.

  • Find a quiet moment.  In the morning before the tasks begin, ground your thoughts and anchor your spiritual self. Tapping into this will help strengthen your stamina as the days wear on. For some this will be saying a prayer, for others it will be setting intentions for the day, speaking affirmations into your spirit, or mediation. 

  • Find a new routine. Create what works for you with these new rules we are adhering to. Working from home can have pros and cons. Identify what is a positive feature for you and lean into those spaces. Identify what are negative features for you and work to avoid those pitfalls. The power of identifying is offering self awareness allowing you power.

  • Evaluate where the silver lining is amidst this crisis. What is within our control is to follow health precautions and to move forward as our best selves in this moment. Are there home projects, self improvements or interests you haven’t had time to explore? Diving into these spaces, isn’t only to fill time it’s for personal growth and development that you will benefit from after this pandemic passes.

  • Reach out. Stay connected to those you care about and enjoy their energy. Texting is a common communication tool, however the goal of texting is to succinctly get a point across. During this time of quarantine, the goal is connection not just communication. Using technology to visually see others is going to be a major factor in feeling connected to others. Be creative, plan a friends night using technology and have some fun. 

  • Take care of yourself. Changes often activate anxiety which can lead to sadness. Our therapists are here to talk with you adjust to our temporary new normal.

Glynita Bell, LCSW, ABD


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