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Heart 2 Heart Memberships

Are you ready to make big changes in 2021?

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For many people, prioritizing mental and physical wellness is a huge shift in lifestyle. We are endlessly bombarded with demands from work, family, and even ourselves; it can be difficult to pause and honestly recognize our own needs.

Memberships to Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center were designed to help new clients prioritize their emotional wellbeing and make a real commitment to self-care.

New Albany, Indiana area residents are invited to explore membership packages to their local wellness center. Digital wellness center clients may purchase a membership for full access to holistic services, including online counseling sessions, yoga, and meditation.

Why Memberships?

There are a few reasons why new clients are encouraged to consider Heart 2 Heart memberships:

1. They work!

Emotional growth rarely happens over the course of just one therapy session. Memberships are a declaration that you value your mental wellness and commitment to self-care. When you purchase one of our memberships, you’re gifting yourself a series of therapy sessions and the chance to make a real change.

Black doctor holds hands of patient during a therapy session

2. They save!

Heart 2 Heart Memberships save you money: an average of $50 per therapy session. Additionally, many packages include unlimited online yoga and meditation sessions, which normally run $10 each.

3. They are tailored to you.

Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center expertly matches clients with the right therapist for them. Our in-depth phone consultations take into consideration your unique concerns and our therapists’ specialties, as well as your personality type and temperament. We want your therapy sessions to be as positive and productive as possible.

4. They’re flexible.

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We work hard to match our clients with the right therapist, but if you’re not making progress, you’re not stuck! As a Heart 2 Heart member you have access to our full staff, and we will make sure you find a therapist that you connect with.

Additionally, everyone benefits from therapy. The sessions included in our Heart 2 Heart memberships are transferrable to anyone within your household. This is ideal if you’d like to split the package therapy sessions with your partner or child. All of our clients are unique, and we want our services to work for you, whatever that looks like.

“I’m so proud of our memberships because they embody our guiding principle: a holistic approach to self-care is the key to living your best life. Therapy, yoga, meditation – these are all ingredients that contribute to your overall happiness, peace, and personal growth.”

- Glynita Bell, Owner Heart 2 Heart Wellness Services

“Heart 2 Heart removes the stigma from seeking mental health treatment. Membership allows me to incorporate mental wellness into a routine that improved my overall health and wellbeing. I love my therapist, and the yoga and meditation teachers are knowledgeable and encouraging.”

- Heart 2 Heart Client

Still not convinced, or just want to learn more? Visit our membership page or give us a call today to discuss options. Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center is here to help.


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