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Our design reflects a commitment to personalized wellness and nurturing well-being with serene colors and harmonious symbols.

Cavetta Green



Hello, I'm Cavetta.


Although she started her professional career as a biologist for the USDA, Cavetta was drawn to health care and has now been a nurse for 15 years. She has been a Certified Nurse Practitioner for 5 years. While working with geriatrics, Cavetta saw many of them struggling with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.  She realized that maintaining physical health is nearly impossible in the absence of good mental health. This inspired her to pursue certification as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Cavetta is excited to work with all patients looking to improve their overall health.  

I am able to take self pay clients which can be covered by any commonly accepted payment method as well as HSA/ FSA card through your insurance company.  

Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center has an amazing team of dedicated professionals.

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