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James Bush

Mental Health Therapist

Hi, I'm James.


James Bush is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee Nevada, and New Jersey.   James specializes in working teens and adults learn to manage anxiety, cope with depression, substance use disorder, and heal from traumatic experiences. James is certified as a professional thought facilitator who aids his community by challenging negative self and world perceptions by promoting re-imagination.


His tools are empathic listening, adaptive processing, and empowering education to bridge and enhance the local- and global-community one person at a time. James is an excellent clinician that is looking forward to joining with you on your wellness journey with honest feedback and useful coping skills to make change. 

I am able to take self pay clients which can be covered by any commonly accepted payment method as well as HSA/ FSA card through your insurance company. I am also able to accept private insurance provided through Anthem. 

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