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Christina Hilton



Hi, I'm Christina.


“Wellness is at the core of our being; we have everything we need within us to feel whole and well. The key is to unlock our inner power through harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.”

Christina is a talented Ayurvedic-based massage therapist of 20 years. She is certified with the Louisville School of Massage, holding additional licensure as a Practical Nurse for over a decade. Through a gentle holistic approach, she blends stress relief and relaxation techniques to create a hands-on approach for her clients. Her massage style deeply calms and soothes physical tension carried in the muscle tissue, while incorporating Swedish massage techniques to relax the body while encouraging healing and wellness. 

She’s passionate about helping others to feel their best. Her clients describe her as, “a gifted advocate, nurturer and guide in their personal health journey.” Cultivating a safe space for personal healing is essential, and Christina is a master of creating this environment for her valued clients. She believes that a healed life is a whole life, and holds space for you to arrive here.

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