Beatrice Wilson has assisted individuals in crisis most of her professional and personal life. 
Her mantra: “If it had not been for my upbringing as a child in Christ, I would not have made it where I am today.”
 A Child of Christ.
We are only going to hit the highlights of her life.  Beatrice is currently writing a book that will tell it all.  She has worked many years in a variety of industries, including Health Care/Family Services, Educational/Training, Career Specialist/Case Manager/Employment/Labor.  Today she is working as a Case Manager/Independent Living Skills Coordinator, empowering people with disabilities to achieve maximum independence and equal community access. 
Beatrice’s medical assisting career has covered many specialties, and she has assisted many doctors in the areas of Gynecology (women care), Cardiology (Heart), Family Practice, Oncology (Cancer), and assisted in Minor Surgeries.  She also provided support to the Head of the Sterilization Department and the Family Allergist.  Following this work, she returned to Austin Community College and graduated from a Nursing Program.  
Beatrice began her counseling career in reproductive health, where she worked with  teenagers and adults in the Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic, including work with patients battling HIV and AIDS. Beatrice spent time with The Department of Human Services, and was Pre/Post Testing Certified for HIV/AIDS Counseling.  She held many workshops and coordinated various outreach programs with the Department of Health in the surrounding Austin areas.  When Beatrice worked as a Street Out-Reach Specialist, she provided individuals guidance, motivation, education, testing, treatment, and prevention information.  She also organized and supervised many support groups.
Over the years, Beatrice has worked in various medical treatment facilities, performing medical case management and working with people with physical and mental disabilities and long term health issues.  These facilities have included private homes, nursing homes, minor emergency clinics, medical offices, hospitals, primary care agencies, and  many employment services.  Beatrice facilitated “HIV/AIDS Straight Ahead groups” for The Austin Wellness Center, and has worked as a Counselor in Addictive Disease Alcohol & Drug Abuse with Charter Hospital of Austin.
Following this work, Beatrice went on to work at Parkside Lodge-Westgate in Denton, TX, where she facilitated group therapy and individual counseling, as well as conducting research and preparing lectures daily.  She also performed intakes, orientations, assessments, treatment plans, counseling, case management, crisis interventions, client education, referrals, and follow-ups with employers and clients.  Additionally, Beatrice managed reporting, record-keeping, and discharge summaries.
When Beatrice was sworn in by the Federal Government as a VISTA Volunteer Coordinator, this assignment allowed her the pleasure of giving back to the community in which she grew up. She worked at the Elgin Advocacy Outreach Program, where she coordinated and facilitated a support group for at-risk teens at Elgin High School, her alma mater. She also organized a volunteer recruitment program and meet many  daily challenges for this organization.
Beatrice also accepted a Medical Assistant Instructor Position in the Dallas area, and served as Director of a Medical Assistant Program in Richardson TX., which was the most challenging work experience of her life.  Beatrice will always remember the challenges of her most difficult students  and their success.  Beatrice has held the hands of many suffering and dying patients, she has endured their pain.  She understands that following this life, the next is Heaven: no more diseases, illness, suffering, heartaches, and pain.  No more dying, for it is Everlasting life, Forever, and Infinity.  No more Tears, only Joy.  Heaven is where we all are waiting to go!   Editor:  Melissa                                                                February 3, 2010
“Thanks, to everyone who allowed me to walk with you in your time of crisis on this earth. 
Thank you for trusting your higher power and thank you for trusting me.
To all of you, Life is a journey, God is my guide; together we can walk safely side by side.”
From My Heart 2 Your Heart


Beatrice M. Wilson
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